The Law of Attraction is an Algorithm

The Law of Attraction is an Algorithm

When the Law of Attraction first came on the scene, it was crazy talk. Now, it’s an algorithm.

I tend to check Instagram about once a day. I don’t have the Facebook App and I don’t get notifications on Linkedin’s news feed. We live in an “if you like that, then you’ll love this” kind of world. And the more you click, the more you surround yourself with what you ask for, good or bad.

If you find yourself aggravated with dating, then posting memes about how terrible men or women are will not help your cause. If you feel the world is out to get you, local news will do you no favors. If you find yourself broke, then articles about how the job market is bad only serve to make you feel better about the decisions that are causing you to stay broke.

The interwebs, much like Universal law, do not discriminate. The more you pay attention to what you do or don’t want, the more of it you will get. We create the world we live in. You are the master curator. Choose wisely.

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