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You have to change your mind.
Struggle happens where most things do. Between Spaces.
Aggravation, pain and suffering happens with resistance. If you want to stop the feeling of struggle, you have three options.
+ Change your circumstances.
+ Change how you feel about your circumstances.
+ Change your goals or desires.
Struggle looks like:
+ I want a better community but I don’t want to do the work or get involved.
+ I want to get slim but I don’t want to go the gym and I don’t like healthy foods.
+ I don’t have enough money for my current lifestyle but I don’t want to get a different/second job and I don’t want to live with family.
We become emotionally attached to our “buts” and our likes and dislikes. Likes and dislikes and even loves are not fixed feelings. They’re not part of our DNA. We just treat them that way. These things can be changed by simply changing our minds.
Struggle comes because you haven’t reconciled with the circumstances of your reality and you haven’t commited to the decision you need to make becuase of it.
If you intend to stop feeling bad, you’ll have to commit to a decision and find reasons¬†like the decision you’ve made.
Struggle is a feeling. The feeling is resistance. Resisting trying to change unchangeable circumstances. Suffering happens where you are. It has nothing to do what happens outside you. You have to change your mind.

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