Stop trying to start, finished.

Stop trying to start, finished.

The look of finished is coming too easily, all while we are coming to find out that the actual doing is still as hard-won as it always has been.  We’re trying to start at the end. Photo shoots, videos, even creative direction. It all used to come the later when a person or business had earned the need to do it in order to grow their business. But because so much of that stuff comes at the beginning now, we miss the opportunity to learn that, who we ultimately want to become has a completely different set of habits, skills, knowledge, and spiritual fortitude than the person we are today. That, combined with the fact that “manifesting” and prayer have been taken completely out of context, has created mass confusion. We don’t understand the massive amount of energy it will take to earn the skills of our future goal-self. And we have a highly unrealistic time frame for when that skill set will be earned.


When we ask for what we want, we’re not asking for what we want, we’re asking for a process. You know those old cartoons where the guy finds a genie and wishes for something he wants, but ends up with the head of a donkey or something? That’s this right here.


To get from where you are now, to where you’re trying to go, you will need to transform and change parts of yourself you didn’t even know were there. And that’s when the shit hits the fan. Because you will have to do something or series of things that you hate doing or are not good at. Or, worse yet, need to do something you have no idea about.


We all look up to famous CEO’s, listening to their rags to riches stories thinking, “Ooh, that’s me. Hell, I’m struggling now. I can be him.”  Completely discounting the time and personal transformation the person had to go through to be successful.


Time: Fame, In perspective (The past few months have taught me that you never know how broke a person is, so I left out the fortune part.)


Marie Forleo: 16 Years in the game, 20 if you count back from when she graduated from B-school in ’97
Ramit Sethi: Roughly 10 years in, after his first failed speaking gig
Jeff Bezos: 23 years in, after starting Amazon in 1994, 31 years if you start after he graduated in ’86
Simon Sinek: Hit the scene 11 years ago and most of you had no clue who dude was until that Millenial talk went viral a few months back
Gary Vaynerchuck: 18 Years in, with Wine Library launched 10 years ago. Some of ya’ll still don’t know this dude either
Tony Robbins: 40 years in. He launched his first product in 1983 after working with Jim Rohn for 10 years
T.D. Jakes: Famously talks about the fact that for 10 years, his church attendance never broke 100
Oprah: Roughly 12 years from when she first started to launching her namesake, one-hour segment. 41 years in


AND half the planet still has no idea these people even exist. As Gladwell put it, it takes about 10 years of persistent practice in a single space if you have natural ability to have success. So, that means if you stop building websites to sell Jujyfruits because your homeboy said the market was hot, you essentially start the clock all over again.


I’m not a believer that you have to go through immense trauma to achieve your goals. But you will encounter some major hurdles. It’s how you feel about overcoming those hurdles that determine whether or not there is a struggle.


So, while you are learning and graduating through your challenges, you can lay down your need to know the answer, to have the cash, or to be known for what you do and just do. Just be . . . with what you are doing. Don’t worry about the rest. It will all come later. Closer to when you are finished.

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