Hustle Harder…No.
As someone who is completely done with the recovery time after quarterly burnouts and spirals if despair, I’m through with the Great American Hustle experiment. Seeing this stupid shit plastered on memes and shiny glass windows of co-working spaces, had me working in the exact opposite direction of my greatest strengths. I would venture to bet that a good number of you are doing the same.
Hustle Harder will have you believing that if you work enough hours, all your wildest dreams are garaunteed to come true. But that’s not panning out for most the people on this planet. Were stressed. Fat from overeating all the junk that makes us feel better when were stressed. Overworked. Undersexed and depressed.
We’re all so worried about leveling up, we’re not even dating properly anymore and it’s getting out of hand. The hustle mentality is propaganda that gets us to produce more than what we’re getting.
Physical exertion and brute force is not gettting us nearly as far now as it got our parents and not even close to what it got our grandparents.
That’s not the space and time we’re living in. It’s why you come home exhausted after you’ve been sitting on your ass all day. You’ve spent the whole day fighting battles in the ether. Playing mind games over email. Reading between the lines over calls. Inferring and assuming things. Promoting your work through pixels on a screen. Telepathic, digital mind games.The only way any of us even know what happened with the day is digital record. If something happens to those digital records, one could question whether you did anything with your time at all. It’s all just … Energy.
If we want to get anywhere we’ll have to learn how to manage our energy. Learn how to manage our thoughts, imagination, efforts, and desires. Entrepreneurship is the practice of self discipline. Self Discipline is now the management of your time and energy.
Remove as much resistance in your day to day as possible. Unfriend/follow idiots and sad people. That momentum is too strong and it will suck you in. Or block out times you can’t access your social apps. Cut your commute. Say no to projects that don’t excite you. Don’t tell lies. You’ll have to manage them and the other party will know anyway. Chart your progress by tasks or projects completed, not by hours spent. Sleep when you’re tired. Put off projects that aren’t going anywhere.
I’m not saying that we should all just get lazy and not work at all. What I am saying  is, harder is not the way. Work excited. Work focused. Cut the rest. It’s not helping.

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