Commitment, Surrender, & the Holy Grail

Commitment, Surrender, & the Holy Grail

The partner you want. The weight you want to lose. The business you want to build. Peace of mind. Money. Whatever. All of it is buried under heaps and piles of I don’t want to’s and I don’t likes. Behind all those negative ideas are presuppositions traumas, and bad habits. In finding your holy grail, commitment is the fuel that drives you through the tough task of disconnecting yourself from all that you don’t like or don’t want to do. Which, is much like death.  Surrender is the oil on the gears that makes the disconnection less painful.

Commit to retrieving your Holy Grail.
Go to the places you don’t want to go.
Surrender to the death of what you were so that you can become who you aim to be.

Original idea by Carl Jung. Lecture by Jordan Peterson. Synthesis by Ava St. Claire.

That which you fear and avoid. That which you hold in contempt. That which disgusts you. . . is the gateway to what you need to know.

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