A Word on Doin’ Too Damn Much!
Nobody tells you this when you’re scaling, but a word of warning, it sucks. There are some awesome things about needing to grow; more money, great clients, etc. But the energetic and material mathematics works in such a way where if one thing changes, there’s a domino effect and everything has to change at least a little. And that includes you.
For two months after making the decision to scale our operations, I didn’t just want to change a few things about myself or my routine, I was going to do ALL the things. I vowed to become a different kind of machine. Maximize time with my team, minimize distractions, close more sales, meditate, do Hot Yoga everyday, Kale smoothies, less meat. It was ridiculous.
Not long after that, I found myself fevering on the couch, burnt out, unmotivated and not understanding how I was slipping into a depression when I’d gotten everything I worked so hard for. But the minor depression, much like colds, flus, general fatigue, was a sign of overwhelm. My body was simply forcing me to rest. I was over-correcting.
Once I was able to rest, I saw things more clearly. I understood that there was actually nothing wrong with me. That I didn’t need to become someone else to run a company I was already building. In fact, making all those changes would likely make me miss opportunities I was already aligned for. So, I settled down, got back to being me and aside from everyday problem-solving, I’ve been blissfully at peace.
Know that the House always wins. You can’t beat Universal Law. Every hour you cheat yourself out of sleep or self-reflection; every lie or de-motivating message you tell yourself is a negative withdrawal on your energy and life will find a way to get it back.   So, if you’re finding yourself overwhelmed, fatigued, sick, unmotivated or depressed, survey your landscape. Toss the toxic messaging, the arbitrary goals, and the burdensome people. Spend some time setting things right with yourself. You’ll find you have more energy to focus on the things you really want to accomplish.
The Law of Attraction is an Algorithm

When the Law of Attraction first came on the scene, it was crazy talk. Now, it’s an algorithm.

I tend to check Instagram about once a day. I don’t have the Facebook App and I don’t get notifications on Linkedin’s news feed. We live in an “if you like that, then you’ll love this” kind of world. And the more you click, the more you surround yourself with what you ask for, good or bad.

If you find yourself aggravated with dating, then posting memes about how terrible men or women are will not help your cause. If you feel the world is out to get you, local news will do you no favors. If you find yourself broke, then articles about how the job market is bad only serve to make you feel better about the decisions that are causing you to stay broke.

The interwebs, much like Universal law, do not discriminate. The more you pay attention to what you do or don’t want, the more of it you will get. We create the world we live in. You are the master curator. Choose wisely.

You are not special
The most liberating moment I’ve had in the last couple of years has been a deep realization that I’m not special. Now, I’ve never striven to be. And my parents were particularly good at driving that point home that we children were not special. But this recent requirement to be seen and heard to make a living will have you believe that everyone’s looking at you.  But they’re not.  Really.
There’s likely nothing in your genetics that makes you more than human. So, in a world of billions of people, not many of them are paying attention to you. The ones who are, are doing so because they love you or they like you or what you produce brings some value to their lives. Even the ones who watch just to be critical of you, find some value in being your critic, which includes them in that first baker’s dozen of people.
Maybe your recent accomplishments make it to their news feed. Maybe they don’t. Maybe they see that picture of you with your hot girlfriend or boyfriend eating that amazing dinner. Or maybe they don’t. Maybe they see all of it and they ‘like’ it because hitting the button is just a modern-day reflex. But likely, the majority of the people you know are so engrossed in their everyday fight, your successes and failures don’t even cross their minds.
Right now, Elon Musk is working on colonizing Mars and building the Hyperloop at the same damn time and I’d be willing to bet you the kid down the street doesn’t even know his name. I’d further be willing to bet that same kid knows a bunch of names that mean a whole lot to him that you’ve never heard of before.  Even further, I’d bet that neither one of you can name his missteps, his mistakes or even a fairly representative list of his accomplishments.
Outside your social sphere, the 7.442 billion people on the planet have no idea you even exist. So, if they don’t know what you’re doing, will you still do the thing you do?  If the answer is yes, keep going. If the answer is no,  stop doing it immediately. Otherwise, go for it. Live it up. There’s no reason to be indecisive or embarrassed. As long as you’re not harming anyone else, just do the thing you want to do. Put in the work and go. Who’s going to stop you?
People Live Here
I remember once my mother fussing about the house in anticipation of company arriving. Family actually. Dusting high and low, mopping the floor, unwittingly making a striking cocktail of mustard gas, all in the name of clean. In the name of perfection.
My father, in a moment of sanity hollered back at her from a distant room. “You know dear, this is not the cover of a magazine. People do live here. And the people who are coming know that people live here.”
I am passing this word to you.
Your life is not an Instagram post
You don’t have to pretend you are not alive, that you are not be-ing.
You will leave for work from a dirty house.
You will go months or years without exercising to birth your dream.
You will go months or years without exercising even if you’re not birthing a dream.
You will miss the mark on major projects and events. You will forget to return emails and messages.
You will embarrass yourself, make promises you are not able to keep.
There will be flat tires and computer viruses, spilt coffee on foreign business executives.
People will think you are stupid, lazy, or inept. They will tell you so.
You will sabotage good relationships, betray yourself and sell out on your values so you can eat the next day.
There will be days, months, even years of darkness, confusion, mind-boggling and soul-crushing depression.
But, there will be plenty of good times, good moments, blissfully peaceful moments
If you’re still enough, you can feel the bliss even when things are bad.
Because those moments are not some post. They don’t last.
Forgive yourself for all of it. It’s okay to go on being. Someone is living here.
Space + Craft | Majani Catering


Chef Tsadakeeyah and Nasya Emanuel are the owners of a new vegan restaurant in South Shore, a southside Chicago neighborhood. They took an eyesore in the neighborhood and turned it into a modern, affordable place to sit down and eat good food. Using organic produce sourced from their neighborhood garden to create delicious soulful dishes, they are shining examples of what it means to love and invest in your community. But, they are also examples of how inefficient city practices are slowing progress to improving neighborhoods. No one with this much drive and ambition should have to wait nearly a year to receive a building permit. After the frustration of financing, and two years of permitting and building frustrations, the restaurant is finally set to open. MoonRose is immensely grateful for your commitment to creating a vibrant, healthy eating experience in your community.

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