What Bishop T. D. Jakes & George Costanza Get Right

What Bishop T. D. Jakes & George Costanza Get Right

Does it feel *filled*? Happy is complex, but are you at least at peace? You’ve been doing it the exact same way since you started. Putzing or hustling. Accommodating or burning bridges. Whatever your weapons of choice, your results have been the same. Over and over again. On opposite day, George finally figures it out. “My life is the complete opposite of everything I want it to be. Every instinct I have…has been wrong.”

At 44:46 Bishop Jakes teaches us, “You have to be willing to be rerouted. You have to be willing to accept responsibility that the way you did it the first time was wrong. … You can’t have the glory and not take the weight.”

What changes are you inspired to take this season? Will your paces get bigger and grander or more careful and thoughtful? Will your circle get larger or bigger? Do you have faith that you will be supported enough make the changes you need to make?

Jakes:  https://youtu.be/JH5SiVAA4RQ?t=2688
Costanza: https://youtu.be/1Y_6fZGSOQI

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