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Mission & Vision

This isn’t just about graphic design or branding. Moonrose teaches you how to align your business values and processes with your goals and skill sets. Then we build an expressive, meaningful brand and website that support those goals.

We are a diverse, soul-aware design agency that takes a holistic approach to marketing, identity, and business building. Our signature process helps you navigate the difficulties of responsible business leadership while building an enjoyable digital experience for your clients and customers.


While all services are offered a la carte, we find that a comprehensive approach works best for new and pivoting business leaders.


Our Leadership

Ava St. Claire

Ava St. Claire


My path began as a young girl watching my father, his parents, aunts, and uncles build a legacy for our family through their own businesses. As I’ve started my own ventures I’ve learned that business is a deeply personal endeavor. It takes a great deal of courage and patience to build and manage a machine that feeds other people. It is imperative that we have the tools we need to feed ourselves. One thing I know for sure is there’s nothing more I’d rather do than spend my time here to make space for those who are pushing humanity forward. My work is to build for, guide, and teach entrepreneurs, seers, healers, and doers of the world. I hope that in creating valuable products and services that I would be counted among those who are innovating for a better tomorrow. We are, after all, on a galactic field trip. There’s no need to waste it on mediocrity.

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